Clearing up the Myths of Motor Oil

Motor oil is not mysterious, but it does come with myths. Here's what true about what you may believe.

The 3,000-mile oil change recommendation is a myth for many vehicles. Auto manufacturers have different guidelines for different vehicles, so it's best to check the vehicle's manual to be certain. Another myth you may have fallen for is the one about changing your motor oil before a long road trip. The truth is that you might need to do this, but it's not always necessary. When is it needed? If you're due for an oil change around the time of the trip or during the trip itself, go ahead and take care of that about a week before you go.

Let Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks clear up some other motor oil myths for you. Drop by our Grand Forks, ND showroom to hear the truth, and we'll happily service your car.

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