Enjoy a Safer Ride with the Toyota Highlander

When you’re shopping for a popular midsize SUV, safety should be a top concern. The Toyota Highlander is loaded with safety technologies to keep you safer in Grand Forks, ND. At Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks, we’ll show you how the safety features work to offer you more confidence on the roads.

The pre-collision system ensures that you’re not going to get into any kind of collision. This includes telling you if you’re approaching a vehicle too quickly from behind. The low-light pedestrian detection can also stop you so that you can avoid hitting pedestrians and bicyclists, even when it’s dark outside.

The blind-spot monitor will also tell you more about the vehicles that may hide in your blind spot. If there’s a vehicle approaching from either side, you will see indicators in your side mirrors and hear a warning tone. This way, you can wait for them to move before you change lanes.

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