The Tech Savvy Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius soon gained popularity among vehicle owners who appreciated the savings at the gas pump and the reduced carbon footprint. But the hybrid goes beyond having an electric motor in the tech department. We have the latest models in our Grand Forks, ND Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks inventory. Come in and take a Prius for a test drive.

The collision prevention detection system combines a camera with radar technology to continually monitor the path in front of the Prius. Should someone or something venture into the path, the driver receives an audible and a visual alert to stop. If the driver does not immediately respond, the automatic braking system deploys to prevent a disaster.

The collision system also slows the vehicle when traffic slows and resumes cruise control speed when vehicles accelerate. Should the Toyota Prius veer toward another lane while driving, the safety system alerts the driver. The technology may also make small steering corrections to right the error.

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