There is good reason the new Toyota Corolla iM hatchback is so popular, these safety features are part of the reason.

To better understand what the Pre-Collision Assist system does inside the new Toyota Corolla iM, it is similar to an intelligent cruise control. The radar monitors ahead for a risk of a collision flashes a warning on the windshield, then begins to power down the braking system before an accident can occur.

Although it might not get as much attention as other features in the new Toyota Corolla iM, the rearview camera system is actually one of the more useful. Activated as soon as you place the vehicle in reverse, the center console screen is now a monitor, giving you the ability to clearly see behind you.

Test drive the Toyota Corolla iM at Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks and you are going to be able to see all these features working and keeping you safe.

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