Road Trip Tips and Tricks

Planning a road trip isn't as simple as packing clothes and leaving. There is much more that needs to be taken into consideration. Here we have came up with a list of some helpful tips to make every road trip more pleasant and safe.

  1. Have your car serviced. This will allow your car to get a simple check from professionals to ensure you that the vehicle is safe and reliable to travel.
  2. Check your documents. Make sure that you are traveling with the proper documents that you could need in an emergency. Example: up to date registration, insurance card, emergency numbers, etc.
  3. Plan your route. Using a mapping website, go through and plan your route as best as possible. These websites can give you information, such as if certain roads are closed.
  4. Plan bathroom breaks and stops. Preplanning your stops will help eliminate extra stops that tend to add time to your trip.

Stop by our service center for your car checkup before your next road trip.

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