Fortune Magazine Names Toyota One of Top 10 Companies Changing the World

Progress toward a better tomorrow is dependent on leaders that can oversee a positive change. That is why Fortune Magazine has compiled a list that highlights companies doing just that. On this list, you will find Toyota among the top ten. This honor is a testament to the automaker's commitment to improving the industry with its newfound innovations and responsible business practices.


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Why Was Toyota Selected?

Toyota took eighth place on the Fortune Magazine list because it has taken steps to address some of the most pressing global issues. In particular, transportation is infamous for its carbon footprint. Yet Toyota does not shy away from the issue and aims to tackle it head-first. One way it does so is by implementing a more sustainable approach to its production process. Another way it does so is by developing new cars like the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell model that does not rely on limited resources like gasoline. These two examples demonstrate that the automaker cares and is making headway on revolutionizing travel as we know it.

Learn More about Toyota

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