Make Sure Your Gas Tank Is Full This Winter

If you'll be doing a lot of traveling this winter season, it's important that you keep your gas tank full. In the cold weather, your fuel tank needs to be filled to avoid serious car problems.

When you don't have enough gas in your tank, the empty space is filled with air, and this air turns into moisture. The moisture then travels to the fuel tube and begins to freeze. This will affect the performance of your car and interfere with your ability to accelerate, along with other issues will affect your car's performance.

During your winter tune-up, ask your mechanic which gasoline is best for the make and model of your car. It's also best to keep the tank full because gas prices are significantly higher in the winter. Filling up once or twice a week will be better on your budget than having to stop for fuel every other day.

For more winter maintenance tips before the weather gets worse, stop in and meet with our team at Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks!

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